projector view

Let's have a Home Cinema for a small price 😉

Guys my TV broke a month ago. And I was said to buy a new TV which I could't afford at the moment.

So After watching my favourite dramas from my small screen phone and laptop, finally I got a better idea after seeing below link!.

I seriously didn't have money to buy a good tv, until I can, I decided to buy a projector. This is my first time owning one. It feels super cool. I mean when you watch Television dramas on your phone it doesn't feel so good. it is good when you all stare at the tv. You know having several heads peeping at one mobile screen is painful, than enjoying.

BUY Yours TODAY!.. Don't miss this chance...

projector view
Video 👇
Projector view , this view is 2m height 3m width

☝️☝️Projector is awesome!. I can zoom to fix image sharpness untill I can read the text on the screen. Also it is so cool when you give it more distance more bigger the display gets. I like to use it on average screen. Now I am not sure if I want to buy a tv so soon. I have a big display. I have a PEOTVgo profile. I can transfer my phone screen to projector and watch TV!.

It also will come in handy when going camping. It takes on USB and SD card as well. Not heavy at all. You can definitely have a proper movie night with friends and family with this gadget. If you think it is the right time for you to buy one too here is a list you can select by your choice and affordable price. And thank me later for giving this idea. click on the affiliated (I wil get paid a commision at your purchase) link it will show you lots to choose from. #projectorscreen #projector #amazonprime #tv #television #watchtv #watchmovie #ad #commission