Some times you will find that it is hard to learn to speak Sinhala. ​​I would say yes, so here I have thought that this is the easiest way that I can help you understand how to learn Sinhala. And so, Let 's learn Spoken Sinhala as a native!.

Actually writing Sinhala would be little bit hard for a foreigner but still speaking Sinhala would be easy enough .( If there is time, I will teach reading and writing also).

So lets see, from where you should begin to learn spoken Sinhala. Go through and try to follow the words and phrases.

Also make sure you find the video tutorials for SamanthaLearnSinhala On YouTube. Join facebook page to receive Video and website tutorial updates.So If you watch the video tutorials along with these lessons, it will help you to understand proper pronounciation of these Sinhala words and phrases. I have come up with frequently used words, actually the words which needs you to survive with a Sinhalese without a problem.

Every lesson shared here will be worth to take a glance at, read and learn all these to speak Sinhala like a native Sinhalese... How about getting a little surprised face from your new Sinhalese friend by speaking fluent Sinhala with them... If you want that I bet you have to cover all these lessons.

How is that?, When you are shopping for dresses,knowing how to express the color you want,will be a very nice thing for.

Okay , Assume that you are a tourist who came to Sri Lanka. And you go into a shop where nobody speak...

If you just visited this page accidentally you may be wondering what this Sinhala language is so... here is a little introduction, Sinhala Language is spoken by the majority of Sri Lankans . So here we will share some knowledge on Sinhala language. In Sinhala, Spoken Sinhala and Writing Sinhala has a noticeable difference. It is little hard to teach or lean writing Sinhala, Even many Sinhalese don't know proper grammar when it comes to Writing official Sinhala. So I think the way I am trying to teach spoken sinhala will be easy for you to follow. Spoken Sinhala is always nice and easy. When you all are good with spoken Sinhala we can mve to start to learn how to write Sinhala.

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Lesson 1 : Days Of Week - Sinhala

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