Why Samantha?

Samantha spoken Sinhala was first created in 2014 under spokensinhala.com. Brand name " Samantha " , which is a random name came to my mind, when I thought " Okay, I need this website to be famous but I don't want to do so in my name. I also want this to have more authentic visitors, all the more reason I shouldn't brand myself up there. So I can avoid those who know me peeping just to 'see'but not to learn. "

So faster than flash this name cam up to me which is very close to one of my neighbours. So I thought "Okay, no one will ever guess me under that name as my brand name, because she and I are never same". And so I didn't think of another name put that and published my website. Soon I got large amounts of visitors to my spoken sinhala website. And I was over the moon.

I could have just let the title be "spoken sinhala" itself, but you should know that is not a brand name. A brand name should be easy to memorize. and lot more. I considered that as well. And Samantha became a perfect fit. So Samantha is a random name came to my mind, with no other backstory than I saw a difference of personalities and a catchy name for a brand. And I was right.

What is Samantha?

Samantha is a spoken sinhala website. Not just any website carefully organized put good effort to make the students understand the language and soon help to speak like a native sinhalese. This is follwed by a youtube course which was started later.

I live in a tourist area. So my main targetted audience here is tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Purpose is to let them feel welcome in Sri Lanka, even in rural areas, where English is not a popular language.

So I hope you extract the best out of this site and become fluent and speak like a native sinhalese