Days of week And Holidays

Days of Week - 'Sathiye Dawas '

It is very nice for you to learn, how to properly say the days of week in sinhala it is really easy once you get a little familiar. Knowing this would always help you with running your errands daily. So just learn it by heart and have a good practice.

Days of week is called as Sathye Dawas. Where the word Sathya stands for week and Dawas stands for days. And below listed shows you how each day is pronounced in Sri Lanka's Language. It is a little bit hard to understand for you when it is written in sinhala letters, because for that you need to learn read and write too...

So I have shown you here how to pronounce the word using English letters. For a example Sunday = Irida which will be read as I-r-i-d-a.

Lesson 1 : Days Of Week - Sinhala

So now you know Sathye Dawas ;) . Below is just to give you some idea on Sri Lankan Holidays it really is pretty much than what you get in your country I guess, So just go through it. When you live in Sri Lanka it will be very useful. And really Sri Lankan's are that lucky they get at least one holiday per month.